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We are proud to offer a wide selection of carbon rims from road, cyclocross,gravel,all road to MTB.

New Wavy MTB Carbon Rims

1. 18.5mm/ 21.5mm profile and the wavy design is favorable for
vibration and shock absorption which increases the comfort
when riding and the side wall stiffness.
2. Asymmetric profile helps to equalize the spoke tension 
between drive side and non-drive side for a more durable build.
3. Wider bead width 3.5mm increases the contact area
with the ground when riding under low tire pressure
for higher rim strength.
4. Raw (Paintless) finish is available for higher scratch resistance.

New Wavy Road Carbon Rims

Paintless Carbon Rims & Full Toray T800

After years of researching and developing, we manage to manufacture a carbon rim which is not only stronger but also environmentally friendly. These rims come out of the mold as a finished product and the original carbon fiber texture is clearly visible to the naked eye. Post-production finishing is not required like traditional rims.

A different mold is required for paintless rims cause mirror polishing on the mold is the key to make paintless rims. This added production process increases the mold cost and regular maintenance is another expenditure for the mold.

In addition, material preparation, heating, and cooling control, each area has to meet an unprecedented standard in order to achieve our goals.

Our lightest construction method uses an exclusive unidirectional prepreg with a very low fiber areal weight. A variable thickness nipple bed reinforces key areas around the spoke holes, eliminating excess material. A blend of Toray T-700 and T-800 offers the weight-saving benefits of T-800 carbon without compromising the strength or stiffness of the rim. At the same time, we also develop full T-800 to meet the demand of extreme lightweight and the result is good after 6-month testing.

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Latest Carbon Technology

- TG255 rim brake carbon technology
- Asymmetric and Aero Dynamics disc brake Superlite Technology
- Paintless Finish Technology
- 70% T700 & 30% T800 Flyweight Carbon Technology

No Distance Service

- Inquiry received will be replied within 24 hour by sales team. - Invoice will be sent shortly after the order details are all confirmed. - The rendering of your brand decal shown on rim will be sent for confirmation after order received. - Pictures of rims&wheels with your brand decal will be sent for confirmation before shipping. - Weight information will be provided before shipping.

High Efficiency

Have rich experiences working with brand companies. Understand different demands from different companies and offer solution accordingly.

Continuous Development

We offer continuous carbon rims development and support, keeping up with the latest industry trends.

Wheel Building Service

To meet the demand for complete wheels shipment from bike store and brand company, we introduced an experienced wheelbuilder. His job is to achieve a round and true wheel while preserving even spoke tension. It’s an iterative process that takes time and patience as the wheelbuilder works their way around the wheel, again and again, until a perfect balance is achieved. As a result, he only builds 3 wheel set per day. Most riders will judge the quality of a wheel by how round and true it is, however, a good wheelbuilder’s primary concern is spoke tension.