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Carbon is the material of choice for high performance MTB wheels. We’ve provided a wide range of carbon MTB rims at unbeatable value. We make hookless version for clincher models. Here is a peek at some of the technology shared with our MTB rims.



Flyweight Construction Method

Our lightest construction method uses an exclusive unidirectional prepreg with a very low fiber areal weight. A variable thickness nipple bed reinforces key areas around the spoke holes, eliminating excess material. A blend of Toray T-700 and T-800 offers the weight-saving benefits of T-800 carbon without compromising the strength or stiffness of the rim. At the same time, we also develop full T-800 to meet the demand of extreme lightweight and the test result is good for half of a year.

Natural UD Carbon Weave

To demonstrate the beauty of carbon weave, black paint is not added to cover the defect on rim surface. As a result, carbon fiber texture is clearly visible to the naked eye which brings a upscale look for the carbon rims.

1K/3K/12K/3K Twill/ 12K Twill are all available

Though UD is the most popular option, we also offer other choice to meet different demands.

Asymmetric Rim Profile

This asymmetric design significantly equalizes spoke tension between drive and non-drive spokes which results in a stronger wheel build that stays true longer.