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Carbon is the material of choice for high performance MTB wheels. We’ve provided a wide range of carbon MTB rims at unbeatable value. We make hookless version for clincher models. Here is a peek at some of the technology shared with our MTB rims.



What Makes Our MTB Rims Different?

After years of researching and developing, we manage to manufacture a carbon rim which is not only stronger but also environmentally friendly. These rims come out of the mold as a finished product and the original carbon fiber texture is clearly visible to the naked eye. Post-production finishing is not required like traditional rims.

A different mold is required for paintless rims cause mirror polishing on the mold is the key to make paintless rims. This added production process increases the mold cost and regular maintenance is another expenditure for the mold.

In addition, material preparation, heating, and cooling control, each area has to meet an unprecedented standard in order to achieve our goals.

Why Is It So Hard To Make?

Firstly, paintless rims require no post-production, meaning that every little dust spot, twisted piece of carbon fiber, any flaw, would be visible once it came out from the mold. No wet-sanding, no patching, no clear coat. We give you the 100% carbon fiber texture in all its glory.

How Does It Look?

Unlike the satin finish that reflects light, our rim finish is less shiny and calmer which presents a classic look of the carbon fiber.

The Features

• Stronger (3-5% increase over equivalent products that needs wet-sanding and painting)
• Flyweight design (T700+T800/ Full T800)
• Highly scratch-resistant
• Better looking
• Lifetime Warranty available
• More environmentally friendly


Resin on the Rim Surface is retained

The resin on the rim surface is sanded off for traditional rims, but for paintless rims a thin layer of resin remains on the surface, yielding 3-5% more rim strength.

Scratch Resistance

Paintless Rims come out of the molds as a finished product. Traditionally, rims are wet-sanded to remove imperfections like excess resin and then sprayed with a clear coat. Paintless rims come with a factory finish and the outer carbon layer is never disturbed after the curing cycle is completed which contributes to the hardest wearing and finish we have ever produced.

Flyweight Construction Method

Our lightest construction method uses an exclusive unidirectional prepreg with a very low fiber areal weight. A variable thickness nipple bed reinforces key areas around the spoke holes, eliminating excess material. A blend of Toray T-700 and T-800 offers the weight-saving benefits of T-800 carbon without compromising the strength or stiffness of the rim. At the same time, we also develop full T-800 to meet the demand of extreme lightweight and the test result is good for half of a year.

Release Agent with Non-Contaminating Transfer

A release agent is applied on the mold to increase ease of rim removal. The most common release agent used in carbon rim manufacturing is oily and mixed with a small amount of wax. There will be some residue on the rim surface after it comes out of the mold, so wet-sanding is needed.

Finding an effective mold release agent that was also as green as possible proved to be challenging. We opted for release agent which is more expensive, and based on the product’s performance we stand by our decision. This release agent chemically bonds to the mold surface to form a micro thin film which is stable at temperatures exceeding most molding processes with non-contaminating transfer . After the molding process, the release agent flashes off so sanding is not required.

Natural UD Carbon Weave

To demonstrate the beauty of carbon weave, black paint is not added to cover the defect on rim surface. As a result, carbon fiber texture is clearly visible to the naked eye which brings a upscale look for the carbon rims.

Out From Mold as A Finished Product (Paintless/ No Painting)

Wet-sanding is not needed compared with traditional process, so the original epoxy resin layer is retained on the surface which results in higher strength and scratch resistance.

In addition, painting is not needed which is more environmentally friendly and contributes to a lighter rim.

Asymmetric Rim Profile

This asymmetric design significantly equalizes spoke tension between drive and non-drive spokes which results in a stronger wheel build that stays true longer.

Environmental Friendly Manufacturing Process

The paintless carbon rims are manufactured by an optimized process that doesn’t apply any post-production like painting, water sanding, etc. So it’s even more environmentally friendly than traditionally made rims. NO wastewater emission during the whole process.

New Wavy Profile

18.5mm/ 21.5mm profile and the wavy design is favorable for vibration and shock absorption which increases the comfort when riding and the side wall stiffness.
Wider bead width 3.5mm is designed cause broader surface disperses pressure more than a skinny edge and can thus reduce the chance of pinch flats under low tire pressure.